Nightshade Announcement

For the first time ever on this blog, I am striving to keep the promise I made to those of you who read the last post. Namely, by announcing my next project that I have been working on.

You may have noticed that the logo of my website has changed to a new image of a female face. Yes, that is a hint to the cover of this book. So far I have had some of the artwork back, such as the full figure on the front, and hopefully soon I will be able to reveal the full cover for the new book.

Ok, so, to the announcement… those astute among you will have noticed that the title is in the heading of the blog. The new book will be called Nightshade, and it will be the first installment in The Everlast Saga.

It will be more fantasy than Lycorp, with a more traditional medieval-esque setting, hopefully with a more epic feel. As I mentioned in the last post, this is something I have always wanted to try out but wasn’t sure if I am ready. Finally, I can’t put it off any longer and had to give it a try… besides, that is the genre I have been predominantly reading at the moment.

Side note: Patrick Rothuss’ Name of the Wind has been a delight recently, and I cannot wait to start the next book.

My new book will mainly feature two protagonists from different walks of life. A Prince who secretly sneaks out as a vigilante assassin at night to protect those in his kingdom, and a magical girl who has lived disconnected to the world, in questionable circumstances, and will be thrust into the world to explore.

To detail this better, here is the provisional blurb:

Darkness is returning to Talwyn. The religious group called The Chantry have authority over all of the five kingdoms of Ciradith, outlawing magic in the name of their God to maintain control.

When a young evermages life is turned upside down, she must flee from a Shade–someone trained to hunt those who practice magic–whilst trying to get revenge on her mother for destroying her life.

In the capital of Talwyn, a Prince performs his royal duties in the day, and dons a mask to become a magical assassin come nightfall. But how long can his secret remain safe?

To speak briefly about my progress, as I will hopefully have regular blog posts updating my work on the project (as well as posts about some of the main characters), I have recently passed the 50,000 word mark, which works out at about chapter twenty.

The book is split into parts, about 4-5 in total as I am yet to decide on all the divides. I have finished part 1, and about a quarter of the way through part 2.

I am incredibly excited about this project, and hopefully once I have posted some more about it, so will you.


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