Lycorp Series Finished!

Welcome all, it has been a long time since a post has gone up on this blog. So much so that I missed the launch of the third Lycorp book and the final book. Yes, that means that the series is complete.

Each book is available on Amazon, making a complete set. They are only 99p (or whatever the regional equivalent is from your country), so it is well worth giving it a try–and if you are still skeptical, then the kindle always has the trial option, so you can get the first few chapters for FREE.

I am still debating whether to do a collection for the entire series, though I realise that it is not practical to make a paperback version. I did that with my Patience Trilogy, though I soon discovered Createspace can be a serious pain-in-the-arse when it comes to big books.

Regardless, it would be nice to have the entire collection in one place, since Lycorp was initially conjured up as a single episodic collection, much in the way that Wool by Hugh Howey was eventually presented. However, The Wolf Trials section came about, and I realised there was much more I wanted to develop. So I decided to do four shorter books instead. #notacashgrab [promise].

Now that the entire series of Lycorp is out, it is about time I get to work on something else. It is more traditional sword and sorcery fantasy than what my previous books have been, which is exciting to me as I want to try out a selection of genres to find the place I fit into best.

So far I have done around 50,000 words, with quite a bit more to go. More to come in the official announcement within the next few days.

Have a swell day!


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